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Churches and Religious Organisations
People have worshipped in All Saints, the Parish Church of Kesgrave, for at least 900 years and the building is still a living centre of Christian worship in Kesgrave.
The church was built in 1931 in memory of Squadron Leader Michael Rope and the 47 others, including the Secretary of State of Air, who died with him in the wreck of HM Airship R101 at Allonne near Beauvais on 5th October 1930.
Kesgrave Baptist Church is an evangelical Baptist Church.
The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church is a Christian fellowship based on the Holy Bible as the Word of God. We are called upon to live a good life in accordance with its instructions.
The Cedars is the oldest-established Spiritualist Church in Ipswich and has been holding services since the 1920’s.
Previously the Christian Family Church. They currently meet at Kesgrave High School.
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